Essay by Amadeus Rybinski

Posted Wednesday April 02, 2014 by Beginnings

The following is an essay written by a child with hearing loss whose family BEGINNINGS has served. We were so honored that he chose to share his thoughts about BEGINNINGS.

There have been a lot of events that impacted my life. The biggest event that I think was special to me, and I remember the most, was when I had the honor to play the piano for the 25th Anniversary Gala of BEGINNINGS in April 2012. BEGINNINGS is a North Carolina nonprofit organization that provides support for families with children who are hard of hearing or deaf.

It was a privilege to be a part of this extraordinary event. I played the piano in front of 200 or more guests. Some of these people were from the government, senators, and representatives from the legislative office, doctors, audiologists, and representatives from the Alexander Graham Bell Association. I was a part of this great event which inspired me that I can also make a difference and spread awareness about how important it is to educate the community and the parents of hearing impaired or deaf children. BEGINNINGS is the organization that reaches out to those families and shows them that those children with proper accommodation can be as normal as other children, and they also can be successful in life.

I showed these people that a hearing impaired child could play the piano as well as anybody else. I had Senator Purcell come up to me and tell me that he wished he played the piano as well as I did. It is important to pursue your dreams. I hope that I reached out to some of the senators and other people that were in the audience, and perhaps they will adjust the law or raise funds, so that more children could be accommodated, and they could have an equal access to communication like the rest of the world.

By playing the piano at the Gala, I hope I gave people hope, and I helped raise funds, so more children could be helped. I had a great time at the 25th Anniversary, and I felt very important. I am looking forward to playing again at the Gala on April 25, 2013. I hope that we raise twice as much money as we did last year, so more children with hearing loss could be helped.