FAQ – Parents

I’ve just learned my child has a hearing loss. How can BEGINNINGS help me?

BEGINNINGS’ parent educators provide emotional support and a safe place for a family to ask questions and express their concerns, and sometimes their grief. We answer questions about how the ear functions, how to read an audiogram, the different types of hearing loss, the language and communication options available, and local resources. Our web site is a good place to start learning more about your new journey in life.


What does support for families look like?

Parent educators meet with families and a time and location convenient to the family, most often in the family home. We also join families for meetings with schools and other agencies.


What other information can BEGINNINGS provide?

We provide guidance on educational and civil rights throughout a child’s transitions in life, and work with families from the time of identification until their child turns 22. We connect families to early intervention services or their local school district. We help parents learn to manage their child’s needs and empower parents to be their child’s best advocate.


What is early intervention and why do we need it?

If your child has been identified as deaf or hard of hearing, there are services available through the state of North Carolina to ensure your child develops language appropriately. Early intervention teams provide direct services to children and their parents.


Why is everyone concerned about my child’s language development?

Children need to learn language skills early in life, during a critical window of development from birth to 3 years old. The importance of early childhood development is even more critical for a child who is deaf or hard of hearing. Unlike their typically hearing peers, children who are deaf or hard of hearing miss incidental information and may not hear or understand the nuances of communication. Early intervention paves the way for children to be able to begin life on an equal footing with their typically hearing peers. Research indicates children whose hearing losses are identified in the first 6 months of life, and who received intervention services, developed language within the normal range.


We are considering amplification for our child. Can you help us with that?

BEGINNINGS can provide general information about amplification, but the expert in amplification is your managing audiologist. The decision about which type of amplification, if any, is made by a child’s family with the help of their audiologist.


Can you teach my family American Sign Language (ASL)?

We do not provide services of that nature to our families. We can connect our families with the resources they need to help their child communicate. If you are interested in learning ASL, we can help you find a place to do that.


What is the difference between auditory verbal and auditory oral? How about Cued Speech?

For more information about communication modalities and therapies, please refer to our Communications Approaches Chart.


Where can I meet other families?

There are several family support groups throughout North Carolina. We can connect you with one close to where you live, or if you prefer, connect you with a family near you for more personal support. We understand that at times, there can be nothing more valuable than a parent-to-parent connection. Some of our parent educators are parents of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, and are available for to provide support as well.


How much does BEGINNINGS charge?

We do not charge families living in North Carolina for our services.


How can I get referred to BEGINNINGS?

Families can refer themselves for services by contacting our office with this form or they can be referred through their audiologist or local school district.

Referral Form


I could use BEGINNINGS’ support. Who can I call?

Call our office at 919-715-4092 to speak with us.