FAQ – Professionals

How can I refer a family to BEGINNINGS?

A family can self-refer or be referred to us by a professional. Download the referral form, fill it out and send it along with an audiogram to us either through the mail or through our fax number.


How can BEGINNINGS help me?

It depends on your needs. We work with audiologists to continue the education they begin during a family’s visit to their office. We collaborate with other agencies to provide parent and professional trainings, at no cost to the parents or the professionals. We can work with schools, public and private, to help their staff understand how the needs of a student who is deaf or hard of hearing differ from those of other students with special needs. We address questions about communication choices and language differences. We connect professionals with each other and with resources throughout the state. Call us to find out how we may be able to help you.


I am a teacher expecting to have a student who is deaf or hard of hearing in my class for the first time. What can I do to help the student and/or parent?

If the local school district in which you work has a teacher of the deaf or hard of hearing or an audiologist on staff, contact them for support. If your team needs assistance or if the district does not have those professionals on staff, call us. We can provide you with support, and help you refer the parents to receive our services, if they don’t already.


What are some of the things I should consider when I have a student who is deaf or hard of hearing?

There are many issues to consider. For detailed information about your student, contact the other professionals in the district who have worked with the student and contact the student’s family. Ask about the student’s communication modality or language. Other considerations include amplification, support for the amplification and/or any assistive listening devices the student may use, preferential seating, academic support, if necessary, and accommodations.


How much does BEGINNINGS charge for training and technical assistance?

BEGINNINGS does not charge for the support we provide to North Carolina professionals.


Our program could use BEGINNINGS’ support. Who do we call?

Call our office at 919-715-4092 to speak with us.