Individualized Family Service Plan

The Individualized Family Service Plan, or IFSP, is a family’s written plan for Infant-Toddler Program services. It shows how the family and a team of experts will work together to provide the services the parents desire for their child. The IFSP is family-centered, meaning that parents will be active team members and the key decision makers in the IFSP.

The IFSP is based on information from a child’s evaluation and from the concerns, resources and priorities that parents identify. It will list the services the child needs to grow and develop. Also, it will list the services a family needs to help their child, and the duties of everyone involved. Some of the help families receive may come from their own family and friends. Other services will be provided by specialists. An Early Intervention Service Coordinator (EISC) is responsible for explaining the IFSP to parents. He/she will make sure the IFSP is written, and answer any questions parents have.