Test your listening knowledge

Test your listening knowledge

Do you know how to protect your ears? Our ears do a very important job, and if we don’t keep them safe, we could damage the way we hear things. Take this quick quiz to find out just how much you know about hearing safety. Some of the questions have more than one right answer. Good luck!


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This boy is listening to music so loudly that he cannot hear his mother calling him.
What should he do?


This boy is mowing the lawn. He’s not wearing something that he should be wearing.
What is it he’s missing?


This boy is having trouble understanding his favorite TV show.
What can he do to help him understand what is being said?


This boy has been paying close attention in class all day so he can hear what’s being said, and he’s very tired.
What can he do to help himself in this situation?


This girl is having trouble hearing while wearing her hearing aid.
What can she do to find out why her hearing aid may not be working?


This girl is having trouble understanding what her friends are saying.
What can she do to help them know what she needs to be able to hear them?


This girl is having trouble understanding the words in a movie at the theater.
What can she do to help change that?

This boy didn’t understand the coach’s instructions at the beginning of practice.
How can he fix that?

This girl loves to swim, but it’s not fun because she can’t play with the other kids when she can’t wear her hearing aids in the pool.
What can she do about this problem?

This brother and sister are playing together at the park, but the sister didn’t hear her dad call them when it was time to leave.
Her dad was upset with her for ignoring him. What can she do to explain this to her dad?

Support for this project has been provided by SciQuest, Inc. Charitable Fund of Triangle Community Foundation.