Success Story – Salas Family

We are extremely grateful to BEGINNINGS for all the support that they have given us. We recall when our daughter was first diagnosed with severe-to-profound hearing loss. We felt the world had just crumbled down on us.

We had no idea what we were supposed to do, and no idea to whom to look for help. We knew her hearing loss would greatly affect our daughter’s language development. As parents, we needed so much help and we truly did not know how to adapt to address the challenge our daughter faced.
We were very overwhelmed and desperate with the situation. It was at this point that a counselor talked to us about BEGINNINGS. Because of BEGINNINGS and their assistance and support we felt confident and happy having someone that would listen to us and that we knew was there to support us, as parents.

We thank God that the services BEGINNINGS has to offer are available to parents with children that have hearing loss. We no longer felt that we were alone or were the only ones facing this type of situation. The staff helped address any of our doubts and explained the many options and rights we have as parents.

Sometimes as parents we find that the hardest tasks are the ones we know must be done. Anxiety comes sometimes from lack of information, or embarrassment or fear to name a few sources. In my personal experience, BEGINNINGS helped me overcome my fears and become a proactive mom, seeking out what was in my daughter’s best interest. Now I speak firmly on her behalf, especially when it comes to school. I feel confident and encouraged when the staff at BEGINNINGS has accompanied me at school meetings to ensure our daughter receives the services she needs. Now, as parents, we have learned to stand up for our daughter’s needs.

For the past eight years, BEGINNINGS has always been with us. They have helped our family immensely. We truly thank you for always being willing to lend us an ear and for all the support you have given us throughout the years.

The Salas Family
Shared for 25th Anniversary Gala, 2012

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