Videos: Cued Speech


Teacher of the Hearing Impaired, Elysa McCollum, is working with a 5th grade student on a language activity, clarifying the pronunciation of the word “suit” versus ‘shoot’ and ‘shoes’ with the use of cues.

Student: …. standing in front of the red castle …
Teacher: The boy with the blue Shoot?  Shoot or shoes?
Student: “Shoot”
Teacher: Oh, oh,  …  “Suit” not “shoot”,,,



Lourys and Sarah

Interaction between two pre-teens who have worn amplification and used cued speech from an early age. Some children and adults do use the cues expressively, but many individuals only use them to understand what another person is saying.

Lourys: How old are you?
Sarah: 12
Lourys: What’s your birthday?
Sarah: Oct. 26th, 1995
Lourys: Oh, really!  Good! Good!  How is your school?
Sarah: Good!




Mother interacts with son, Galen, using cues to clarify her spoken language. Galen was diagnosed with a bilateral severe/profound sensorineural hearing loss and received hearing aids at seven months of age. He received a cochlear implant at about 1 1/2-years-old, 10 months prior to this filming.

Mother:  Oh, I have to pick up Hannah!
Mama has got to go get Hannah?
Do you see Daddy?
Do you see Daddy?!
Do you?
It’s Daddy!
Daddy: Daddy forgot his jacket!
It’s Daddy!  Hi Daddy!