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Do You Have Questions?

Q:  I love to go to the pool.  Can I go swimming if I have hearing loss?

A:  If you are using a hearing aid or cochlear implant, you’ll need to check with your parents. Some devices are waterproof but some are not. You can swim when you are not wearing devices.

Q:  I’ve always wanted to play an instrument.  Can a person who is deaf or hard of hearing do that?

A:  We know a lot of kids who use hearing devices and play instruments, such as the piano and guitar, sing in choirs, dance and enjoy music.

Q:  Can I play sports?

A:  People who are deaf or hard of hearing do all the same things that people who have typical hearing do, including playing sports. We have worked with kids who play hockey, soccer, football and a ton of other sports.  So, yes, you can play sports!

Q:  Why should I wear my hearing devices?

A:  Wearing your hearing aids or cochlear implants will help you hear your friends, your family and your teachers.  If you choose to not wear your devices, you’ll be missing out on a lot that you would otherwise hear.

Q:  Will people tease me about my hearing aids or cochlear implants?

A:  We can’t answer that for sure, but there is chance someone at some point will use your hearing devices as a reason to be mean.

Q:  What should I do if people make fun of me?

A:  First try to talk to the person and let them know why you wear a hearing aid or cochlear implant. If explaining it to them doesn’t help solve the teasing, talk to an adult who can help you.

Q:  What should I tell people when they ask about my hearing devices?

A:  All you have to tell people is that you have hearing loss, and what you wear helps you to hear.  – Emmett, Age 12

Q:  What do I do when I can’t hear what someone said?

A:  If you can’t hear what someone said, ask the person politely to repeat what they said.   - Emmett, Age 12

Q:  Why is it important to use my FM system at school?

A:  An FM system makes it much easier to hear in a noisy room. Using an FM system at school makes listening easier and cuts down on how much work it takes to listen to the teacher’s voice over all the other noise in the classroom.

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