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Newborn Hearing Screening

North Carolina Newborn Hearing Screening and Follow-up Services consists of three components:

  • Screening

  • Diagnostic Evaluation

  • Amplification Selection/Early Intervention


Each of the state’s 94 birthing facilities provides newborn hearing screening services prior to discharge. Infants who do not receive hearing screening prior to discharge, who are not born in birthing facilities, or who require additional screening are referred to community resources so that screening services can be provided within 30 days of birth. Where needed, Division of Public Health Regional Speech and Hearing teams can conduct the hearing screenings at local health departments at no cost to the family if there is no community referral source or if the family does not have a funding source.

Families of infants who have suspected and/or confirmed hearing loss are offered case management services through the Child Service Coordination Program. Child Service Coordinators in local health departments are notified when an infant fails a hearing screening. They will assist families as necessary to access further evaluation and treatment services.

Diagnostic Evaluation

Infants that do not pass two hearing screenings are immediately referred for diagnostic hearing evaluation. The regional Children’s Development Service Agencies are a no-cost-to-family option for diagnostic hearing evaluations for families without a funding source or in communities where no other local referral sources exist for these services.

Amplification Selection/Early Intervention

Infants with confirmed hearing loss are immediately referred to a provider who can discuss amplification selection options with the family. The family is also referred to a local agency that can provide early intervention services designed to help the infant to achieve maximum functioning.

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