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BEGINNINGS is a non-profit organization known throughout the country for our impartial support of families and professionals. Our organization joins a family after their child’s identification and remains a constant in their lives as their child grows and transitions into adulthood. We provide families the resources they need so they can make informed decisions for their children, and we help them understand their rights and their children’s rights.

For many families, the news that their child is deaf or hard of hearing is a shock. Often there is no family history. Parents and families are left wondering how the identification will impact their child and their family. They may wonder what does having a hearing loss mean, how will their child function in the world, will their child have friends, how will their child perform in school? These questions are a consequence of experiencing the unknown. Our parent educators have many years of experience working with families. We are here to help answer questions and provide information to parents as they navigate the dizzying array of decisions they need to make for their child.

We meet with families in their homes to share information and resources, and to answer questions. We discuss the choices a family will need to make, we talk about language and communication without bias, and we listen to families’ concerns. We build relationships with families and get to know their goals for their children so we can help families ensure their children reach their full potential.

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